We get calls for the treatment of injured and ill stray animals. These animals are often very badly injured and sometimes losing their lives. They need emergency first aid and immediate medical attention, which they can only access through our animal ambulance services.

To help such animals, we need an ambulance so that they can be given timely medical attention. Please help us save these animals by donating towards the purchase of an animal ambulance.

Our Dream Project

Our dream is to built a Permanent Sanctuary for the Disabled, Spinal, Blind and the Aged Animals & Birds where they can roam freely and live the rest of their lives in peace.

Start Night Ambulance for the speechless lives.

Start Crematorium for the speechless lives.

Help us by donate or sponsor a project

You can sponsor a project like foods for stray animals, campaigns, Funding for ambulance which will work for injured and ill stray animals treatment on road.


Sponsor Projects