Vision & Mission

Our vision is a caring and loving world for every animal and to compassionate society where animals & birds are valued and receive the care & love they deserve.

Mobile Van Feeding to Animals & Birds

The organization wants to run “Mobile Feeding for Animals & Birds” program in different areas of the city through mobile van.    

Anti Rabies Vaccination

Stray animals are de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies in different areas of the city.

Protest against Plastic Consumption

Explain to people to use an eco-friendly bag.

Leather Protest

Due to the demand of increasing leather in the people and the craze of leather, millions of animals are killed.

In earlier times, the leather was used after the death of the animal killed, but now it is necessary to kill the animal to take the leather due to the demand of growing leather and this has become a different industry.

Awareness to Reduce Cruelty towards Animals & Birds

According to law animal cruelty is an unlawful and inhuman act. Enforcement of law is necessary for the safety of animals & birds. There should be awareness among people about the laws of animals. Take legal action against animal cruelty.

Animals & birds are living being. They have emotions, feelings & families like humans.

Animals & birds pay the price of their lives for our Festivals, our Greed, our Entertainment, Myths and Blind Beliefs, Illegal Sale, Black Magic, Killing animals & birds for Organs. Willingly or Unwillingly we sometimes harm to animals & birds.

Our Festivals like Uttarayan by injuring birds, Holi by putting colours on animals, Diwali by crackers which is harmful to animals & birds.

Our Greed like live stock for Meat, Wearing Leather, Experiments and Testing of Medicines & Cosmetics. You are supporting cruelty by buying this products.

Our Entertainment of owning pets, the babies are separated from their mothers so that someone can own them. Sports like Dog Fighting, Cock Fighting, Bull Races, Jallikattu, Kambala using animals for racing and forcing them to fight. Animals in circuses have no choice.

Illegal Sale, Black Magic, Killing animals & birds for Organs like Peocock for Feathers, Tiger for Nails, Elephant for Teeth and for the sake of hunting.

Myths like crossing of road by a cat, Sacrifice of animals & birds are common due to blind beliefs in India.

Did you know that animals are usually more scared of us than we are of them? We cause our friends much more trouble than they cause to us.

Sometimes animals enter our homes or gardens by accident or because they’re looking for food or protection. Help animals to return back to nature.

By Purchasing or Promoting all these you are supporting animal cruelty.

Awareness of Vegetarianism

It is the first duty of the animal lover to awaken people to vegetarianism. Vegetarian foods provide us with all the nutrients that we need, while meat fat, cholesterol and other disease.

Public Awareness Programmes  

Awareness in Next Generation. Presentations in schools, colleges, religious and community groups. Do leafleting in all gardens and public places. Awareness Programmes through Print Media / Electronic Media.

First Aid Training

There are no animal shelters in small villages and the stray animals die due to pain and suffering without treatment. Karuna Charitable Trust wants to start First Aid Training for animals so that animal lover can try to save lives to stray animals in their villages.

7 Day First Aid Training :

  • Rescue and handling of injured and ill animals and birds.
  • Educate community about dog bite and rabies prevention in humans and animals.
  • Basic information to identify illness or Injury.
  • Physical therapy to dogs with spinal injuries from accidents.

First Aid Training will be free of cost.

24 Hours Animal and Bird Hospital Service

The main cases we see at night are animal road accidents, animals with underlying diseases that go into crisis, bleeding and where there are problems while the animal is giving birth. We want give them the emergency medical treatment. If they brought early, it is possible to save the lives of many animals.

24 Hours Animal Mobile Clinic Service

We also wants to run a mobile clinic treatment van 24 hours that attends to cases not requiring hospitalization and give medical treatment to animals on the spot. On receiving a call about an animal found ill or injured.

Save Trees and Plant Trees Campaign

Environment and animals are necessary to save earth.