Our Services


Summer Water Pot Distribution Campaign

If you cannot live without water in the summer, imagine what is the condition of these speechless lives. Provide water to the animals & birds and save their lives.

Animal Adoption

Adoption is absolutely free. Our Puppies / Kittens / Dogs / Cats are looking for a home. Take home a new family member. All the animals are here because they are motherless, owners couldn’t care for them.

Uttarayan Save Bird Campaign

Uttarayan is an unfortunate man-made crisis for birds. Thousands of birds injure their wing or the other part from glass coated manja. Some birds become disabled forever or die.

Every year, during Uttarayan Save bird campaign is organized by the organization to save injured birds.

Animal & Bird Rescue

We rescue injured and ill stray animals & birds.


Be a Foster Mom or Dad for Litters of Puppies / Kittens